people are 'connected' while they work, while they travel and while they socialise. different worlds merge into hybrid interiors. old standards suddenly don’t apply anymore…

devices afford their users increasing flexibility. they have made us mobile and less dependent on our location. people's activities change at a faster pace than ever before. 

our furniture solutions offer unlimited combination possibilities for the modern office, hospitality, educational and public environments of today!


Our new mobile acoustic booths prices starting from £1,750.00

fully lined with fabric wrapped acoustic panels, they come with power and lighting and can be delivered in modules for ease of delivery. the booths are mobile for flexibility.

they are mobile on a lockable system, no need for pallet trucks or other lifting equipment.

available in a wide colour pallet of exterior finishes and any commercial fabric to suit your interior scheme.

"our key concern is your satisfaction. we’re not happy unless you are! It is our aim to bring every project no matter how large or small in on time and on budget. hopefully delivering an interior that not only meets but exceeds our client's expectations.

our work is about helping you create the right space for all to meet, work, think and enjoy"

"in todays workplace their is less need for just rigid desk space, instead people prefer to choose where and how to meet or work, movement is now an integral part of modern working practices. technology has given much more flexibility to the working day" conscious of this we have developed new breakout furniture solutions with modularity and connectivity to meet this new way of working.


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